Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Goddess is Within Everywoman

I chose to use a picture of myself. I posed for many pictures, trying to feel as if I were the Goddess herself. This involved a relaxing of many of my moral codes, including ones involving prostitution, stripping and casual sex. I did not personally participate in these activities, but what I did was change my relatively puritan view of such activities into a WWID? i.e. What Would Inanna Do (Think)? about these activites? Well, not only did she think these were just fine, but also felt them as a powerful, liberating female force rather than a negative, sugjugating one. By allowing a woman to be sexually free and in charge of her own body, she may use it to support herself and her family. This would be a radical contrast from Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid" a powerful tale that is one of my favorite novels (and a good movie too). In the Handmaid, a woman's reproductive organs are property of the state (due to low birth rates because of nuclear waste and chemical pollutions in drinking water, air and food). The women who could reproduce were divorced from their husbands (husbands were usually murdered) children given up for adoption for politically powerful childless couples (most likely all of them). Society was changed, People were married for political and religious reasons, and only powerful and rich were allowed to marry, thus making the average married couple 50+ years old. These couples were the only ones allowed to be married all single men being forced to serve in the military or as staff on the political party or personal waitstaff in the mansions. The women were called "handmaids" and had to wear a red sacklike dress and veil (a symbol of their fertility) and were given to these couples as a "vagina from God" as you will. This is a eye-opening, life-changing book because it forces us to look at our country and the direction it's heading. As much as I dislike pornography, the fashion industry, exotic dancing and prostitution, these things are much preferable to the alternative (Handmaid-like society). I thought about these things while taking the pictures and while digitally manipulating the one I chose for the assignment.

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